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Münchner Märzen

The one that started it all...

Is an amber beer style that was developed over 200 years ago to celebrate the original Oktoberfest. The Märzen name comes from “March beer” because it was historically brewed in March to be at peak flavor for the Oktoberfest celebration. Today this style is available year round in the US due to popular demand.

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This full bodied beer with its rich malt flavor and dark toffee note, has an underlying fruitiness and masterful hop balance. It will instantly turn your own four walls into an Oktoberfest tent. Prost!

Basic Information
Our Münchner Märzen is brewed with the finest quality ingredients.
Hops varieties
  • Hallertauer Tradition
Malt varieties
  • Munich malt (dark barley malt)
  • Pilsner malt (light barley malt)
  • Water drawn from 190m below the earth
  • Paulaner pure-bred yeast